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Don’t Let Your Garage Be a Target for Intruders

Don't Let Your Garage Be a Target for Intruders Blog | Garage Door Repair Beaverton, OR

Try to get into an intruder's shoes for a minute and picture that you are standing in front of your garage door. This is the best way to observe the security weaknesses of your garage. At first, some aspects of security maintenance can seem trivial, but safeguarding your home should always be a priority for property owners.

Can Passers By See Into Your Garage?

Windows can be an excellent decorative idea, but it can also make your house more vulnerable pedestrians are able to look inside. For this reason, always opt for milk or frosted glass if you prefer a window into your garage - your private world shouldn't be visible to all and sundry. 

Don't Risk Leaving Your Door Open

Don't risk leaving your door open, especially during the night. If there's a risk that you forget to close it, we recommend installing a timer as a reminder or a smart opener so that you can control the system from afar. If your door is acting unpredictably, like only responding some of the time, it is also a good idea to get this looked at sooner rather than later. 

Look After Your Door

Garage door maintenance should take place on a regular basis to give you the chance to detect weak points, replace the bottom seal, and fix any problematic parts when they pose problems - fix dented or damaged panels quickly and we also recommend regular lubrication to keep your moving parts from corroding.

Have A Plan B If Your Garage Is Attached

Your garage door is the first line of defense against intruders attempting access into your house, but you should have a plan B too. For example, make sure the entry door to your house is always locked and also has a peephole so you can confirm any guests visually.

Light Up Your Garage

Place lights around the garage - after all, the darkness is your worst enemy and the best friend of intruders. Today there are security options that come with modern garage door systems which automatically light up when someone or something approaches it.

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