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Suggestions About Garage Doors

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Suggestions About Garage Doors

Your garage door is a workhorse and the largest moving part in your home. To ensure its proper and long lasting operation as well as advice on safe usage, check out our expert tips below.

Pay attention to your old opener

Garage door openers that are a little on the old side may not be as sensitive as newer models today. This means that they may not retract the heavy door quickly enough to prevent injury if something or someone happens to be in the way when the door starts to move.

Insulate your garage door

First of all, an insulated garage door will help you save some money with your energy bills. Furthermore, this type of door will provide a high level of security. Last but not least, an insulated garage door is an efficient way to prevent air from escaping through your garage, therefore reducing the amount you spend on cooling and heating your property.

Carry out monthly visual inspections of your garage door

Each inspection should involve checking the garage door opener motor and all metal parts from the springs to the tracks and hinges. Watch out for signs of rust, wear and tear and loosening. You should pay special attention to the cables as well since a snapped cable can cause a serious accident. Pay attention to their elasticity and check the edges for tiny cracks and cuts.

Invest in a garage door clicker with rolling-code technology

This technology works by changing the code generated automatically after each use. This gives you the highest possible level of protection from thieves. Additionally, the hassle of having to change the code manually is eliminated. Just make sure that you buy a remote compatible with your garage door. It does not necessarily have to be from the same manufacturer but should be easy to program to the same frequency.


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